Why are we still building houses from bricks and mortar?

This is 21st century Britain, and the housing market is in trouble. There’s a shortage of homes and first-time buyers are finding it increasingly hard to get a foot in the door. And yet the big housebuilders are still constructing Edwardian pastiche boxes out of bricks, sand, water and plaster.

This isn’t how we live now.

People want open-plan, flexible accommodation with plenty of light and space that works for today’s life and employment patterns: large bathrooms, high ceilings, space to work at home and (perhaps most importantly) energy efficiency. Changing the way we build houses, adopting a low-cost, factory-built approach and assembling on site, will give homebuyers the properties they want quickly and without traditional costs.


We believe in looking to the future, but respecting the past. Our developments reference and reflect their surroundings – for example, our Abbey View homes combine modern interiors with traditional external materials and stunning views of the 13th century abbey.

We aspire to do better things in the housing industry: creating sustainable communities rather than rows of boxes with no shared spaces. We’re investing in green technology and we want our developments to be truly energy efficient. Our UK-built houses, using British timber, will also create employment.

Our bespoke projects in great locations are going to transform the housing market, regenerating sites and building neighbourhoods.

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We’re an award winning company based around a highly experienced team. We believe in using the best that our surroundings have to offer, whether that’s talented tradespeople, stunning views or traditional materials. Blending creativity with an insistence on high quality, our homes bring traditional craftsmanship into the 21st century alongside stylish design and eco-conscious values.


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